Digital Channel Services

Open Banking software development and support

Internet Banking application and support

Website development and support

Corporate Portal application setup and support

Installation, development, and support of transportation mobile applications

Dealer portal application setup and development

Customer Acquisition application setup and support

Mobile Banking application setup and support

Aktif Portfolio Service

Infrastructure support for Portfolio Application

Business Intelligence and Reporting application setup and support service

Process management application setup and service for automating processes

BI Service

Core Banking

Core Banking application software and support service

E-Transformation Service

Integration support for E-Transformation applications

Social Security Institution Seizure Application setup and development support

Infrastructure Services


Backup Management

Virtual Vault Management

Virtual Safe Box Management

Call Management

Setting up and managing Call Center structure and operations

System Monitoring

24/7 monitoring of all systems and first-level intervention for issues

Network Management

End-to-end network management service

System Management

End-to-end system management service

Identity Management Service

Domain and Identity management service

FTM Management

Setting up and managing File Transfer system operations

Cloud Management

Management and operational service for systems on the Cloud

Data Center Management

Data center and disaster recovery center hosting, management, and operational support

Mail Management

Corporate mail system management and operations

DevOps Management

Software development environment management, DevOps process management, and process improvement


Setup and operation service for the Disaster Recovery Center

Campaign management application setup and support

Financial Reporting Application setup and development

CRM Services

Call Center Service

Call Center application setup, development, operation, and support

IT Security Service

Establishing information security processes and creating policies

Installation and operation of end-to-end security systems

Other Services

E-Kent Services

Smart Stop application development support

Legal Service

Legal Tracking System Application support

Blacklist Control Service

AML (Anti-Money Laundering) application setup, development, and support

Card Services

Card application setup, development, and support

Transportation Services

EETS (Electronic Toll Collection System) setup, development, and support

Ticketing Services

Nebula ticketing platform setup, development, and support

SDLC Services

Project management process setup and operation

Voice Services Service

Voice recording application setup and operation support

Test Products Service

Test application setup, development, and operation support

Database Services

Database setup, management, and operation service

IT Governance

Creation, documentation, measurement, and consulting for information systems processes in compliance with legal requirements and international standards